The fact is "change" is the only constant in today's market place. Virtually no organization is immune from almost daily change. STO, The company start operating during 2005, concentrate on helping organizations not only embrace change, but grow more robust in the process.

Those who have a profound farseeing can easily spot the Saudi market needs for trained human resources and talented employees with the growing economy of government projects all over the country.

In such extraordinary and competing market, were growing companies and organizations search for the most rounded, committed employees, STO is one of the most reliable companies which specialized in finding those employees who will add value to your firm.

STO is a diversified HR company focused on the total employment life cycle, offering multi-options HR projects, Outsourcing, Employee Couching & Development and Employment services. STO is a firm you can turn to and trust for answers and solutions. We have worked with companies of all sizes, significantly improving their ability to hire and develop the most productive people.

STO provides also comprehensive career transition and outplacement services. Career transition services iclude responding to downsizing, reorganization and relocation. We seek only the achiever, strategic thinker, brilliant, hard-working, and professional individuals.Even in times of a high unemployment, the talents are a precious resource on the job market and those are our candidates.